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The Spotsylvania Education Foundation (SEF) supports all the Spotsylvania County Schools by enhancing the quality and impact of the student learning experience though volunteer efforts and community support. The SEF celebrates student success and provides funding and recognition for educators who demonstrate innovative thinking through programs and projects that empower our students.

The SEF volunteer board members engage the community and collaborate with business partners to use resources wisely and fund additional programing throughout our school system. Pioneering teachers apply for and receive competitive grant money from SEF to finance creative ideas that increase opportunities for learning and ultimately graduation as well as success beyond our schools. Additionally, teachers may apply for grants to fund continuing education in their field to support their expertise and excellence.

The SEF actively seeks business partners and individuals who would support our schools by volunteering to support our events, challenge our students, and celebrate our teachers. We also welcome financial contributions to ensure the success of our grant programs, the continuing excellence of the staff, and the honoring of teachers and students who rise to even greater heights in our school system.

As a volunteer organization focusing solely on Spotsylvania County Schools, our students, our staff and administration, we welcome interested board members, business partners, event volunteers, and experts in all areas. Join us as we grow with excellence in Spotsylvania County.

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